Green Puffles in Club Penguin

Green Puffle in Club Penguin

The green puffle is one of the most popular puffles in Club Penguin. They can be adopted from the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

About Green Puffles

The adoption catalog says that green puffles are known to be very energetic and active. They are much like clowns, and like to goof around a lot. They are very energetic and playful. Their favorite toys include the unicycle and the propeller cap.

Keeper of the Boiler Room

There is a very famous green puffle in Club Penguin. He is known as the Keeper of the Boiler Room and he can be found in the Night Club sitting on top of one of the speakers. He appears in one of the books in the book room on the second floor of the coffee shop called Truth or Dare. In the story, the Keeper of the Boiler Room is discovered by a penguin who was dared to stay in the boiler room. Now the Keeper stays in the Night Club and dances on the speaker.

Keeper of the Boiler Room

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