Club Penguin Sports Catalog Cheats for January

The new sports catalog for Club Penguin is out and it features a lot of new clothing items and a few secrets and cheats.

Sport Catalog Cheats

There are two secret hidden items in the January, 2009 Sporting Goods catalog. One is really old and the other is new.

Silver Surfboard

As always, you can get the Silver Surfboard by clicking on a few items in order on the surfboards pages. First, click on the flame surfboard that the green penguin is holding. Then click on the seashell on the ground. Finally, click on the starfish on the ground. Now the surfboard that the penguin is holding becomes the silver surfboard and you can buy it. This surfboard is really useful when playing the Catchin’ Waves game.


Mountain Climbing Gear and Hiking Boots

You can get the mountain climbing gear and hiking boots by clicking on the rock climbing wall near the back of the catalog.

Club Penguin Climbing Wall

Club Penguin Mountain Climbing Gear

Well, those are the only cheats and secrets I could find in this month’s sports catalog. Club Penguin is getting pretty stingy with the secret catalog item cheats these days.

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