Club Penguin Member Party Cheats

Dance Party on Club Penguin

The Club Penguin Member party just started and it will end on Sunday, January 18.

Free Boombox Item

The free boombox is on the main floor of the night club in the lower left corner. Make sure you pick it up. Of course there are some good dance party cheats and secrets and one of the first ones is that you can do a special dance move with the boom box. Make sure it’s the only thing equipped on your penguin and then do a dance action. Your penguin will put the boombox down and do some cool dance moves.

Tour of the Night Club

The night club is totally decorated for the members only party. Here is a walkthrough of all the floors.

Main Floor

Main Dance Floor

The main floor is rocking. Don’t forget the free boom box in the lower left corner. Also there is a new game on the right side of the room called Dance Contest. Click on the clipboard on the table to try it out. It works like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band where you have to keep to the rhythm. I will post a whole guide to the game soon.

Also check out the video screen that welcomes penguins as they enter the Night Club.

Second Floor

Dance Party Second Floor

The second floor, which is usually a quiet lounge with some arcade games is very different now. There are a lot of things that make noise. The arcade games, Thin Ice and Astro-Barrier are still there but they moved a little and have cool outlines on them now. The stairs to the roof are open on the left side of this room.

The Roof

The special members-only rooftop is totally cool. There is a special dance floor and stage and lots of lights and video screens. DJ Cadence will supposedly appear randomly up here and you can meet her if you are lucky.

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