Club Penguin Dance Contest Game

Club Penguin Dance Club Game

The Club Penguin Dance Party has begun and there is a new game in the night club called Dance Party. You can play solo or multi-player and get points by showing your rhythm and how you keep up with the game. You start the game by clicking on the clipboard on the table on the right side of the main floor of the night club. DJ Cadence will appear and give you a tutorial for the game.

Dance Contest Game with DJ Cadence

How to Play

The game is pretty simple. Colored arrows will float up from the top and you need to press the same arrow key as the floating arrow when it floats into the gray arrow space. If you press it just at the moment when it fills the space it is a perfect move. Try to get as many successful moves as you can to earn combos and point multipliers.

Club Penguin Dance Moves - Combo

Sometimes you will get two arrows together and will need to press two keys at once to match. On the harder difficulty levels, these combinations will be more frequent and the pace is much faster.

You can play in solo mode and earn coins for your score or play in multiplayer mode against other penguins to see who gets the best score. You don’t see the other penguins dancing but you can see their scores as you play. If you win, you can get a lot of coins!

Dance Contest Expert Mode Cheat

There is a secret cheat for the Dance Contest game in solo mode. Normally, you can only play Expert difficulty in multiplayer mode, but if you know this secret, you can access Expert difficulty in solo mode too.

When you are choosing a difficulty level, click on DJ Cadence’s head and you will get this new screen, where you can choose the Expert difficulty level:

Dance Contest Game Cheat

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