Black Puffles in Club Penguin

Black Puffle in Club Penguin

The black puffle is one of the most mysterious and secret puffles in Club Penguin. Black puffles can only be adopted by members and they cost 800 coins to adopt from the Pet Store.

About Black Puffles

The adoption catalog says that black puffles are the strong, silent type and can be very energetic at times. Their favorite toys are a skateboard and a fireball. Sometimes when you play with your black puffle in your igloo, he will turn into a bright red fireball and zoom around in the air.

Black Puffles and Thin Ice

The main character in the arcade game is a black puffle. It is a common mistake to think that the main character is a red puffle but in fact it is a black puffle in fireball mode!

Black Puffle in Missions

A black puffle makes several appearances in the missions. During one of the missions, it is revealed that feeding black puffles O’berries makes them turn into fireballs.

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