Beating Sensei in Card-Jitsu

A lot of penguins are still working on getting their black belts in the Dojo by playing the card-jitsu game. It’s a long road of many wins (you need about 80) but you can do it if you keep playing. Once you win the black belt, the real challenge awaits. Now you can take on the Sensei in Sensei Mode and have a chance of beating him. But there’s something you should know before you try to fight him.

Club Penguin Earning the Black Belt

If you have already tried Sensei Mode before you earn your black belt than you know that Sensei is pretty much unbeatable. In fact, he cheats. He knows what card you will play and then automatically plays a card that will beat it. For example, if you play fire, he will play water. Every time.

But once you get your black belt and play him a few times (about 5 times), you’ll notice that he stops cheating and makes a few mistakes. Now he can be beaten if you play well. And when you do win, you will be rewarded with the coveted ninja mask, which gives you access to the Flying Flippers Emporium and the secrets of the ninja catalog.

Beating Sensei in Card-Jitsu

Receiving the Ninja Mask

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