6 Ways to Find DJ Cadence Faster in Club Penguin

Hints for Finding DJ Cadence in Club Penguin

DJ Cadence is a special penguin, like Rockhopper and Gary the Gadget Guy, who makes quick appearances in the game. If you find her, you can get a special player background. She only stays for a short time on a server, so you need to move quickly to find her.

Here are some great cheats and tips for finding DJ Cadence. If you use these hints and secrets, your chances for finding DJ Cadence will be much higher.

Know Where DJ Cadence Goes

The key to finding DJ Cadence is knowing where to look. She is only appearing in the Night Club, which is open this weekend for members only. If you’re not a member, don’t spend a lot of time looking for her because you won’t be able to see her. She can appear on any of the three floors of the Night Club, including the new roof area. So move between the floors and keep your eyes peeled!

Know What DJ Cadence Looks Like

DJ Cadence is a pink penguin with a bright purple wig. She is also wearing a scarf and headphones. It will be tough to spot her at times because if she is in the room with you she’ll be surrounded by, and probably covered by lots of penguins. So the next tip is really helpful…


Use Show Buddies to Find DJ Cadence in a Crowded Room

Don’t rely on looking at the screen to find her. Click on your Show Buddies icon (it’s the smile icon next to your chat bar) and then click on the show online icon to display the Users in the Room list. If DJ Cadence is in the room, her name will appear on this list with a smile next to it. Then just click on her name and you will see her player card. Now just click to be her buddy and you will get the special background. This can be a lot easier than trying to click on her in the room with all the other penguins crowding around.

This is the show buddies icon:

Show Buddies Icon

This is the show who’s online icon:

Show Who Is Online

Stick with the Almost Full Servers

DJ Cadence is usually on nearly-full servers and is usually on during peak times. That’s a lot of servers to check, but don’t waste your time going to an empty server. Go to the Night Club and try to check the rooftop first since she is usually found there. But don’t forget she can be on any of the floors.

Team Up with Friends to Find DJ Cadence

If you have friends with an IM client like AIM or a chat box on their blog you can team up to cover lots of servers quickly. When one of you finds DJ Cadence, the person tells the others over IM or chat and you can all go to that server. It’s more fun to look for her this way and it makes it faster if everyone helps.

Be Patient

Don’t give up. Finding her can take a while but it’s worth the time and effort. Remember these tips to make it easier and more fun to find DJ Cadence. Remember, she’ll only be online during the members party at the Night Club this weekend, so now’s the time to be looking!

I hope these tips help you with finding DJ Cadence. She will only be around for the rest of this weekend, so happy hunting. Please post a comment here if you find her!

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