Talk While Reading Your Newspaper

Club Penguin Newspaper Glitch

This is one of those simple but fun Club Penguin cheats where you can still chat while reading your newspaper and other people can see you do it. Here is how.

First, log into Club Penguin and go to a room where you can walk all the way to the left or right edge so that you will be able to see yourself chat when the newspaper is on screen. The beach (walk to the right) and the Gift Shop (either side) are both very good for this.

Next, read the newspaper and then click on We Need You in the upper-left corner of the front page.

Club Penguin Secrets - Newspaper - We need you

Now click on the box marked Question.

Club Penguin Secrets - Question

You will get a question box. You can type anything you want here or just leave it blank. But whatever you do, do NOT submit it. Instead, just click on the X to close the window.

Club Penguin Secrets Close Question Window

OK, now press the TAB key on your keyboard and your cursor will move to your chat box. Now type whatever you want to say and press ENTER. Your penguin will chat while holding the newspaper and everyone else can see it. Because the newspaper is so big it will be hard to see yourself but if you stand all the way to the side you can see a little bit. Here is a screenshot of me talking while holding the newspaper. That’s all you need to know for this cool Club Penguin glitch!


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