Club Penguin Mission 9 Guide – Spy and Seek

Here is a complete Club Penguin Mission 9 walkthrough and guide. In this mission, called Spy and Seek, you will place three tracking devices around the island to try and pinpoint the hiding spot of Herbert the polar bear and his accomplice, Klutzy the crab.

Club Penguin Mission 9 - Spy and Seek

  1. Start the mission and talk to Gary the Gadget Guy (“G”). He will give you background on the mission and tell you what to do. When he’s done, pick up the three green tracking devices along with the yellow rubber ducky and the blueprint hanging on the wall above Gary’s workbench.
  2. Click on your map and go to the Ski Village. Then go inside the Ski Lodge.
  3. Pick up all of the Find Four pieces. There are three of them on the main floor: on the window sill, on the stool underneath the phone, and under the ladder.
  4. Go up the ladder to the attic. Pick up the Find Four pieces here. One is by the bricks, another is next to the typewriter, another is on the table next to the record player, another is next to the gray box and the last one is on the small wooden box in the corner.
  5. Pick up the piece of string sticking out from the rug near the ladder.
  6. Go back downstairs and talk to the two penguins playing Find Four. Click on the Find Four pieces in your inventory and give them to the penguins.
  7. Go to the Forest and pick up the small branches on the ground. You will see them lying there as soon as you arrive.
  8. Combine the small branches, the blueprint, and the string to make a kite. Now combine the kite with one of the tracking devices.
  9. Go to the mountain and then put the tracking device that is attached to the kite onto the signpost at the top of the mountain. The tracking device will fly up into the air.
  10. Go to the Plaza and talk to the two penguins with their puffles. After the blue puffle blows a bubble and makes a mess, click on the gum that is stuck between the penguins. Take the bubble gum and place it on the yellow rubber ducky in your inventory to seal the hole in the duck.
  11. Go to the dock and talk to the penguin fixing his boat. You can help him by pulling on the starter rope at the back of the boat. The engine will start and then the penguin will let you borrow his air pump.
  12. Put the air pump on the rubber ducky. Then pull the air pump handle up and down a few times to inflate it.
  13. Go to the Iceberg. Attach a tracking device to the inflated rubber ducky and then put it in the water. It will float into place.
  14. Click on your map and go to the Mine Shack. Talk to Rory (the orange penguin on top of the shack). He will ask you to lend a hand.
  15. Click on the side of the mine shack and then re-arrange the boards and the trough so that it tips the opposite direction.
  16. Rory will ask you for one more favor. Click twice on the mine cart that has tipped over and then use the welding tool to seal the cracks.
  17. Place the last tracking device in the mine cart and then click on the mine cart to send it down the shaft.
  18. Your spy phone will ring. Answer it and return to HQ. Then talk to G. When he’s done, take the Binoculars 3000 and then go back to the Ski Village.
  19. Go through the Ski Lodge and exit through the Gone Fishin’ door to head towards Herbert’s Camp. Click on the Binoculars 3000 to spy on Herbert. You will watch a short animation of him and soon he and Klutzy will leave.
  20. Now go to the camp and pick up the spy phone that Herbert left behind. Attach it to the Binoculars 3000 and put it in the third tree to the left (a little bit away from the camp site).
  21. Return to the HQ and watch Herbert and Klutzy with G.
  22. The mission is finished! Collect your medal and gift.

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