Club Penguin Mission 10 Guide – Waddle Squad

Here’s the mission guide for Club Penguin Mission 10, Waddle Squad. It features the mysterious Golden Puffle and of course Herbert the polar bear. Here is the full walkthru with some screenshots.

Golden Puffle

  • Start the mission. G briefs you on a plan to capture Herbert. The plan involves a trap with a fake Golden Puffle.
  • Grab the solar panel from the box behind G.
  • Go to the Beach and click on Jet Pack Guy. He will tell you that his jet pack is busted and needs to be repaired. He can make a fuel mixture out of hot sauce and cream soda. He has the hot sauce but needs the cream soda.
  • Go inside the lighthouse and pick up the small barrel next to the big one labeled, “Cream Soda.”
  • Go back to the beach and give Jet Pack Guy the cream soda barrel. You will need to play a game where you divide the cream soda into equal parts using different sized beakers. If you click on the message labeled Help in the glass bottle, it will give you some clues. Actually, it will give you all the steps to do it!
  • cp-mission-10-fuel-mix.png

  • Jet Pack Guy will take off into the sky.
  • Go to the Gift Shop and click on the Rookie. He will tell you that the magnet doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Click on the solar panel in your inventory and then click on the magnet. You will play a game where you need to connect the colored dots on the circuit board. Win the game and the magnet will start running.
  • cp-mission-10-circuitboard.png

  • Click on the clerk behind the counter and offer to help him clean up the mess. Click on the table, box, and pile of clothes and put them in your inventory.
  • Go outside and put the table, clothes and box on the ground in front of the gift shop.
  • Go to the Dock and click on the guy fixing the boat. Ask him for some rope and then put it in your inventory.
  • Go to the nightclub and put the rope on the pulley.
  • Click the red lever next to the pulley to set the trap…but you find out it’s broken!
  • Use the wrench from your spy phone to remove the panel on the pulley system.
  • You will play a game where you need to replace the gears correctly to make the pulley system work again. Put the gears in order and the trap is set. The gears change place a little bit each time but here is what it looked like for me.
  • cp-mission-10-gears.png

  • Your spy phone will ring and Jet Pack Guy will tell you that Herbert has been spotted at the dock.
  • Go to the dock and you will see the crab holding a cardboard cut-out of the bear. He will drop it and run away to the ski mountain.
  • The spy phone will ring again and Rookie will tell you that he spotted Herbert at the Night Club.
  • Go to the Night Club and you will see Herbert stealing the Golden Puffle.
  • Click on the lever of the pulley system to drop the trap on Herbert…but he lifts the cage up and throws it aside.
  • Your spy phone rings and it’s G telling all agents to move in!
  • Jet Pack guy and Rookie arrive. Herbert holds onto the Golden Puffle which is held by Rookie’s giant magnet. Rookie tells you he needs more light to make the magnet stronger, so click and drag the lights on the ceiling so that they all shine their beams on the solar panel.
  • The cage traps Herbert again and he’s not strong enough to move it with the magnet holding tight.
  • G arrives to arrest Herbert. Rookie gives him a spy phone to make a call and Herbert uses it to escape.
  • Rookie!
  • G finds a packet of seeds on the ground which is a clue about the next mission.
  • The mission is over, get your medal and gift.

Club Penguin 10 Mission Guide on YouTube

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daniel_chipo September 30, 2010 at 10:27 am

sorry no one knows

xolive26x February 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm

ilove all club penguin games in miniclipcom and

Jessica April 8, 2011 at 3:12 pm

hey guys, i have a new glitch for ya, and its TOTALLY REAL. I know, I know, ya don’t believe me, right? BUT THIS IS REALLY REAL. U can get the RAINBOW PUFFLE, THE GOLDEN PUFFLE, THE DIAMOND PUFFLE, AND THE SILVER PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL ya have to do is just POST THIS in ANY web page 3 TIMES!!!! once u ‘ve done, log on to club penguin, press F5+Ctrl and LOOK!!!! THERE ARE UR PUFFLES!!!!(It’s true, my brother’s penguin has this puffles!!!!)

Hannah April 21, 2012 at 7:28 pm

I didn’t get my gift!Why didn’t I get my gift!?

hannah August 1, 2012 at 7:43 am

i never got a gift either 🙁 btw thx for the help
whats your name o n club penguin mines hanban001

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