Gary the Gadget Guy on Club Penguin

Gary the Gadget Guy is familiar to most penguins as the inventor of all the really cool gadgets you get to use in the Club Penguin Missions. He goes by the code name “G” and usually is found in his special gadget room when you are doing one of the missions.

Finding Gary the Gadget Guy

He started appearing as a special penguin in-game just like Rockhopper. You can find him in the secret lab that only members can access. The secret lab entrance is from the bookcase on the second floor of the coffee shop. Gary will only appear for a few days as part of the Halloween party on Club Penguin.

If you find Gary you can make him your buddy and get a special background, just like you can do with Rockhopper. Good luck with finding Gary. Here are some simple tips for finding him:

  • Gary is usually on popular servers during peak playing times.
  • Gary is a blue penguin wearing a white lab coat and glasses.
  • He will usually be surrounded or even covered by lots of other penguins.
  • Use the Users In This Room feature to check to see if he’s in the room. This is easier than trying to find him on a crowded screen.
  • Be patient because it might take a while to find Gary.

Gary the Gadget Guy Player Card

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