Club Penguin Mission 4 Guide – Avalanche Rescue

Guide to Club Penguin Mission 4 (Avalanche Rescue)

This is a step-by-step guide to the fourth Club Penguin mission, called Avalanche Rescue. In this mission, you need to rescue several penguins who were trapped in an avalanche. Here are all the steps, cheats and secrets to complete the mission.

Club Penguin Avalanche Rescue Mission

  • Talk to G and ask him to let you into the Gadget Room.
  • Go into the Gadget Room and head to the left.
  • Pick up the Life Preserver Shooter from the bookshelf.
  • Go to the Ski Village.
  • Pick up the white fur and the very bottom of the lift.
  • Go into the Ski Lodge.
  • Go to the right.
  • Pick up the fishing rod that is beside the door with the Gone Fishing sign.
  • In your inventory, combine the fishing rod with the life preserver shooter.
  • Go to the Sport Shop and move to the right.
  • Click the belt on the green winking penguin mannequin and put it in your inventory.
  • Go to the Lighthouse and go to the right.
  • Pick up the piece of rope that’s on the red boat.
  • Combine the rope with the life preserver shooter in your inventory.
  • You now have a complete Penguin Rescue device!
  • Go upstairs to the beacon at the top of the lighthouse.
  • Open your spy phone and then click on tools and then your spanner.
  • Click on the telescope to unscrew it and then put it in your inventory.
  • Go back to the Sport Shop
  • Go into Gary’s Room and then go to the right.
  • Put the telescope on the tripod near a window in Gary’s Room.
  • Click the telescope.
  • Use the arrows to see the paths that lead to the stranded penguins and memorize the right way to go.
  • Go to the Ski Mountain.
  • Go down Ridge Run.
  • Go down the paths that you saw in the telescope. Go down the right paths until you get to a broken fence.
  • Click the Penguin Rescuer on the hole in the fence.
  • Break the branch over the right with the Tube.
  • Pick up the Penguin on the tree first.
  • Now pick up the penguin on the right.
  • Now put a penguin back on the tree.
  • The tree is bent so now you can get to the penguin under the tree.
  • Pick up the penguin you left on the tree.
  • Put all three penguins on the edge with the rock on it.
  • The rock will fall on the sled that the last penguin is stuck in.
  • Pick up the three penguins on the edge.
  • Pick up the last penguin that bounced off the sled.
  • After you rescue all four penguins go to the Ski Village.
  • Talk to the crying brown penguin.
  • Get the belt you took out of your inventory & click the ski lift.
  • The belt fixes the ski lift!
  • The brown penguin is really happy!
  • Go to the Ski Hill.
  • Talk to G.
  • Give him the white fur.
  • Get the medal & the Handy Penguin Award. Read the letter. You are finished!

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