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New Game at the Dojo: Card-Jitsu

Card Jitsu

Basic Rules for Card-Jitsu

There is a new game at the Dojo called, Card-Jitsu. It plays a lot like the game, Rock-Paper-Scissors. Remember the following:

  • Fire beats Snow
  • Water beats Fire
  • Snow beats Water

If two cards of the same type are played, the higher number wins unless a special “10” card was played in the previous round, in which case the lower number will win.

Getting Started with Card-Jitsu

The first thing to do is to go visit the Sensei. He is in the upper right corner of the Dojo. Talk to him and he will explain all the rules and give you a starter deck to play with. Then you can either play on the mats in the Dojo with other players, play on the Sensei’s mat. When playing on the Sensei’s mat, you can either play the Sensei himself (he’s tough to beat) or other players in competition mode.

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Getting the Belts

You get a new belt after winning several matches. You will advance faster if you play in competition mode and win. It’s unclear how many matches you need to win to advance to the next belt, but I have listed an approximate number of wins you need for each belt. Note that these numbers are additional wins for each belt in competition mode, so you will need to play and win a lot before you get the black belt. The belt order is:

  1. White: 5-7 wins needed
  2. Yellow: 7-13 wins needed
  3. Orange: 10-14 wins needed
  4. Green: 10-14 wins needed
  5. Blue: 10-14 wins needed
  6. Red: 12-16 wins needed
  7. Purple: 14-18 wins needed
  8. Brown: 14-18 wins needed
  9. Black: 16-20 wins needed

In May, 2009 Club Penguin updated the game to include a progress bar that shows how far along you are to the next belt. You can also see which Card-Jitsu cards you have in your collection. To see all of this information, click on the blue cards in the bottom-right corner of the screen when you are in the Dojo or Dojo Courtyard.

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu progress

Getting Special Cards

You can unlock special cards in Card-Jitsu if you use the unlock codes that you find in the trading card packs that you can purchase in the store or online at Each pack of cards contains a few unlock codes and you can enter these in the game. Having these cards makes it a lot easier to beat other players, which means you’ll get your black belt faster. If you buy the collector’s tin you get a whole bunch of these special cards.

Beating the Sensei

You cannot beat the Sensei (Sensei mode) until you earn your black belt. You can try, but he will beat you every time by anticipating what card you will play and then beating it.

Once you earn your black belt you can take on the Sensei and have a chance of winning. He will still beat you at first, but after five or six wins he will begin to make mistakes and he can be defeated.

When you face the Sensei as a black belt and win, you get the ninja mask. This ninja mask gives you access to the secret ninja hideout called the Flying Flippers Emporium where you can buy many items from the ninja catalog, including a full ninja suit and get a ninja igloo and furniture.

Special Cards

Special ninja secret: while wearing the ninja suit, use your dance move to become partially invisible.

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