Club Penguin Secrets – Best Games for Making Coins Fast in Club Penguin

The Best Games for Making Coins Quickly in Club Penguin

Everything cool in Club Penguin costs a lot of coins, whether it is furniture or clothing for your penguin. The only way to get coins in Club Penguin is to play the different mini-games. There are a lot of games in Club Penguin to choose from but if you want to make coins quickly, there are only three that you should really be playing. These are the very best games for Club Penguin money cheats.

Pizza Tron 3000

Pizza Tron 3000 can be played from inside the pizza shop. It is a slow game at first but it gets really fast at the end. If you get a perfect score, you will get over 1,000 coins in a perfect game which lasts about six minutes. That’s 10,000 coins per hour.

Cart Surfer

Cart Surfer is played from the mines. It is a simple game where you do tricks on a cart that is moving quickly down the tracks. The key to getting a high score in this game is to do just two tricks twice. They are the backflip and the spin. Just repeat those two tricks over and over again but remember to always alternate between the two for maximum points. Depending on how good you are you get get 1,000 coins in six minutes or less. That’s about 10,000 coins per hour!

Catchin’ Waves

Catchin’ Waves is a surfing game played at the Cove. You can make a lot of coins quickly in this game. Play in freestyle mode and then just press the D key over and over again. Let the big wave behind you catch up so that you are doing the move called shooting the tube. You will know you are doing the move when the timer appears to your right and starts moving quickly. You can get about 7,000 coins per hour playing this way.

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