Club Penguin Mission 1 Guide – Case of the Missing Puffles

Case of the Missing Puffles is the first mission that you can do after becoming a secret agent and a member of the P.S.A. Here is a walkthrough of how to do the mission and get your medal.

  • Talk to Aunt Arctic.
  • Go to the Skating Rink on the map to look for the pictures. They are in the far right. Pick them up and return them to Aunt Acrtic.
  • Go to the Pet Shop and decrypt the code on the little house with a sheet of paper on it.
  • Go to the Sport Shop and give the number of socks to G. The number of socks is different each time you play so you need to have decoded the number.
  • Take the life raft out of the inventory and go to the Iceberg.
  • Throw the rafts to save the penguins.
  • Go to the Ski Mountain and fix the penguin’s telescope with your tools in the phone.
  • You will see the puffles around the large mountain.
  • Go back to G and get the rope.
  • Go to the mountain and click on the peak of it.
  • You will find the puffles there.
  • Collect the medal and letter after talking with Aunt Acrtic again.

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