Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt 2008

The Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to my complete guide for the Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt (2008 edition). The new Halloween party on Club Penguin has just started. There are a lot of cool tricks and treats but the biggest event is the candy hunt. There are eight pieces of candy hidden throughout Club Penguin and your job is to find them.

The Pieces

The first candy piece is at the Snow Forts. Click on the blue flag above one of the forts and it will turn into a candy bar.


The second piece of candy is upstairs above the dance club. Click on the lampshade behind the table in the corner and you will get a candy corn piece.


Moving on to candy piece number three, head to the Ski Village and go inside the Ski Lodge. Then go upstairs to the attic. There is a gray box on a crate. The red lollipop candy is inside that box.


The fourth piece of candy in the Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt is in the plaza outside in a giant cauldron. Click on the green liquid inside the cauldron to make the candy piece float up to the top.


Almost there! The fifth piece of candy is over at the Cove. Click on the caution sign in the corner. A small pumpkin candy will pop out from behind it and land right on top of the roof of the surfing hut.


The next piece of candy is really cool. Go to the iceberg. Up in the sky are a lot of colors that look like the Aurora Borealis (northern lights). That’s kind of weird because penguins live in Antarctica but whatever. Anyway, click on the sky and a constellation of stars will appear and create a caramel candy cube. Cool!


The seventh piece of candy is at the lighthouse, upstairs on the roof. You need to wait for the lightning to strike three times. Once it does, a candy apple will appear in the pumpkin’s eye. Click it and it is yours.


The eighth and final piece of candy is in the bookcase upstairs in the coffee shop. Put your mouse over the book on top to reveal the last piece of candy.


The Reward

Once you finish the candy hunt, you can claim your reward. It’s just a giant pumpkin background, which is kind of a let-down after all that work, but at least it’s something that everyone can have whether they’re members or not. If you’re a member and want to see a cool secret room that you can get and also a special free item, read my Club Penguin Halloween Secret Room Guide.

Giant Pumpkin Background

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